Toe fungus treatment and prevention
There are many causes of toe fungus such as lack of foot hygiene, certain healthy related problems like diabetes and HIV, aging, wet areas like saunas, swimming pool, shower stalls, nail salons etc. It is important to treat toe fungus in its initial stage because it gets worse when left untreated and becomes impossible to treat.
Toe Fungus Treatment
– In the initial phase , try to go for an OTC or over-the-counter anti fungal solution and in moderate phase try to use an anti-fungal lacquer on the toenail and surrounding skin at least once a day,
– Apply tea tree oil on affected areas, at least twice or thrice a day. If you want ot achieve good results then you can also mix equal amounts of tea tree oil and lavender oil.
– Make a mixture by mixing concentrated hydrogen peroxide with warm water. Soak your feet in this mixture at least thrice a day.
– Dab alcohol on the infected toenails using cotton balls, 3 times a day for few weeks.
– Use antiseptic mouthwash as a foot soak for toe fungus treatment, as it has very good antiseptic properties.
Toe Fungus Prevention
– In order to prevent infection – before wearing your shoes, try to apply a mixture of olive oil + salt on your nails.
– Try to avoid nail polish and artificial nails.
– Make a proper nail care routine.
– Keep your feet and nails clean.
– Use a nail brush to clean the area underneath the toenails in order to scrub away dirt, dead fungus and nail tissue.
– Try to keep your toenails trimmed and slightly longer than the tip of your toe.
– Avoid sharing your shoes, socks, towels and wash clothes with others.
– Wear shoes made of natural materials and that will allow your feet to breathe