What are the summer nail polish trends? This summer go try your luck on nail extensions and gel nails.

Other summer nail polish trends include nail polish colors, the colors of this summer are hues of blue, brightest oranges, shades of baby pink to fuchsia pink and nudes with glitter and minty green.

Blue offers the cool and serene feel of freshness in the summer while brightest orange offers that little spark of energy when you are drained off the summer sun.

Pink is a girls best friend and pink sure is forever. Pink never goes out, need to feel pretty and girly opt for a shade of baby pink. While fuchsia ups your glamour quotient several notches higher.

Nudes with glitter give a play at hide and seek with a little glimmer here and a little shine there. Minty green is that spurt of freshness and bloom to help you get through the sweltering heat.