Through nails these days’ girls make a definite statement of their personality and style. Plain nail polish is passé. Trend today is heavily inclined towards perfect nail art which has to be not only unique in every aspect but also make dull looking nails stunningly beautiful.

Just wearing a color on nails is not enough. Today perfect nail art consists of many innovative ideas like small motifs, ceramic flowers and danglers etc. The idea is to make your nail a piece of art with help of innovative ideas and imaginative designs. Of course it is not always easy to create decorative designs especially if you are planning some intricate design. In that case you need some professional help.

Perfect nail art requires some basic steps to be followed. First step is to paint your nails with a base coat and then create your selected design with nail art brush. Nail art design can be learnt from nail art books and you can also get ideas from internet. You can also learn perfect nail art through some professional courses.