Most of us do not know but nail paints contains formaldehyde and toluene which are very harmful and can cause sore throat, sinusitis, asthma or headache. Even if they look enticing it is better to avoid them and adopt organic nail polishes which are made from 100% natural ingredients like plant extracts. Organic nail polishes are available in wide varieties of shades including loud and bright colors to suit every taste. Their fragrances are also natural. There are other reasons for you to select organic nail products. They are safe and long lasting. Best advantage is that apart from beautifying your toes and fingers they also prevent chipping.


The best part of using organic nail products is that you are doing your bit to help Mother Nature. Besides organic nail polish you can also try glass nail files for stronger nails. Glass nail files are smooth and do not wear out easily. Cuticle and nail oil made from various plant oils improves flexibility and nail growth within weeks of regular use. So it is ideal for peeling and brittle nails.