Women are in never ending relationship with nail polishes. The more you give them the more they want of it. This year is the year of sporting trendy nail polishes. Nail polish trends change every season. This season the nail polish trend will witness all shades of nail colors. Right from neutral nail color to peppy and bright colors. Nail polish trend this season calls in for colors like, pastel shades of blue, peachy pink, purple, metallic shades like gray, gold, and silver. This year is also for bright color lovers.

Nail polish trend this year demands some must have colors like red, pink, neutrals and some fun colors. 2011 brings in some new and fresh nail polish trends. Metallic colors are making a come back. Metallic colors are the most preferred colors for winter. The red nail color is the immortal color and is an irreplaceable color when you want your nails to give a very feminish look. Don’t hesitate to try out new colors this year, happy Polishing.

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