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Artificial fingernails experience in recent years, a real boom. In every city there are nail studios that specialize in addition to the actual manicure and pedicure on artificial fingernails. Artificial nails are gel nails, acrylic nails, fiberglass nails. Gel nails are used most frequently, followed by the acrylic nails and the last fiberglass nails, which are very rarely used. With the artificial fingernails of nail art and nail designs area is used.

How To Do Nail Art ? – Simple Way To Have Beautiful Nails

Here, the artificial nails, natural nails, but also with various techniques, embellishments and colors embellished. Fingernails painted images here are often the basis for a variety of creative ways such as beautification working with Fimostangen, glitter, rhinestones, nail art sticker, images and motifs.
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Types of Artificial Nails

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