Manicures, it seems, will never go out of style. Women have been flocking to salons for decades in the hopes of outfitting their fingertips with the latest polish trends, and each new season brings new colors, finishes and techniques. While comfortable seats, high-powered lights and manicure tables are all necessities for a successful nail salon, you also need to keep up to date on the latest manicure sensations. Here are some of the nail looks that have been making waves in 2010:

  • Ombre effect – Polish that is lighter near the base of the nail and becomes progressively darker toward the tip, or vice versa. Usually achieved by layering several different polishes.

Gentle ombre nails

  • Matte finish – Special matte polishes can be purchased that dry flat instead of shiny; otherwise, a matte effect top coat can be layered over any manicure for this edgy look. Satins have a similar feel, but a more forgiving finish.

Bright matte nails

  • Crackle effect – This trend was born in the 90s but has seen a resurgence lately. After the base color has been chosen and applied, a special “crackle lacquer” in a contrasting shade is layered over the top. When dry, this lacquer cracks and separates, revealing the base color beneath.
  • Skittles mani – This manicure involves using different colors on different nails for a multicolored, candy-like effect.