French Nails and French Manicure have widely ranging opinions amongst the fashion experts and nail technicians. Some of the nail manicurist feel that French Nail Art has become obsolete and outdated whereas some say that French Nails still rule the nail fashion industry. Well, keeping aside what the experts have to say, let’s understand what is meant by French Manicure. When one speaks of French Nails, the very first important thing is the white nail polish on the tip of the nails.

French Nail

Another important point about the French Nails is the application of pink or transparent coat of nail polish on the rest of the parts of the nails, which is in addition to the white polish on the tip of the fingernails. If you are fond of long nails and its associated nail arts, French Nail designs are not suitable for you because French Manicure generally works well with short nail lengths.


Like any other nail art treatment, you should remove the old nail polish with acetone before you start to apply French Manicure on your fingernails.