Being one of the most classic and beautiful nail designs, French Manicure remains as one of the tip hit nail designs in many parts of Europe as well as in USA. Bold French Manicure with metallic red nail polish and white tips attracts women from all the class and societies. In todays modern world, there are innumerable varieties of newer nail art designs but even then French Manicure designs continue to remain popular on the radar of nail fashion for its high elements of style and elegance.

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French Manicure Nails Designs offer couple of advantages over the newer class of nail art designs such as artificial nails designs and creative nail arts and that is why, simple yet timeless French Manicure Nails remain as one of the top favorite Bridal Nail Designs. In fact, until some years ago, the French Manicure Nails were treated as the Nail Designs for the Rich and Wealthy and the for the women in their thirties but these days, French Manicure Nails have become nail designs for women of all age and class.

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